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About Us

What We Do

So what if we are one of the best priced hair and beauty industry suppliers, with a commitment to customer service!


What makes us any different to the rest of them?


Our Business Model is simple

.Identify our client?s needs.

.Work with our clients to deliver what we promise no "IFS" or "BUTS"????..

.Use our comprehensive resources to provide a value for money service.

.Assist our clients to increase their sales revenue.


"We strive to have a great working relationship with all our clients, as this is paramount to the success of both businesses"


Starting, growing and expanding businesses with passion and a personal touch is what we do best! Our local team will deal directly with you in delivering what you want, no matter where you are in the business cycle!


We appreciate you and your business, and sincerely look forward to meeting with you.


Salon Supplies

Never run out of the things you need every day.


At Laura Ashlea Salon Supplies we provide an extensive range of salon products and salon essentials for all your everyday salon needs. We have a great selection of salon supplies for every budget and requirement. From basics like styling products, shampoo and conditioner, to accessories like towels, mirrors and gowns, we have all of the products you could possibly need in a salon environment.


We stock quality hairdressing supplies and salon furniture from the biggest brands in salon accessories, and every product we have in stock is designed for use in a professional hairdressing environment. If you are looking for hair products and salon supplies at competitive prices, from a market-leading retailer, look no further than Laura Ashlea Salon Supplies.


Take a look at our fantastic range of salon products, and you are sure to find the product you need at a price you can afford.